Specialty Annie & Andy

These Mohair bears are OOAK. I custom make their clothes. The wigs are made from yarn, sewn on the their heads one strand of yarn at a time.

Mohair, Alpaca, Plush

These bears are usually 6 to 18" tall. Only the finest Mohair and Alpaca materials are used. They are fully jointed. Filled with high end poly-fil and BB's are added for weight.

Needle Felting

This is an extremely time consuming process. They average 3 to 6" tall. They come fully string jointed. 100% wool woving, and New Zealand wool are used. Their eyes are glass beads.

All about me and my bears

Each teddy bear is unique in their own way, just like us. Sometimes the little things in life are the greatest.  These teddy bears are made with love. They just have to win the heart of that special someone.

As far back as I can remember, teddy bears have had a special place in my heart. I started making my own patterns in 1990 on a cold winter day. I never imagined this hobby would bring so much joy. To all my collectors, I want to personally thank-you for helping my passion grow.

Custom orders and memory bears are also available. Please feel free to contact me by clicking on "Email Me".

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