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Artist teddy bears by Betty Franks

Andy and his friend Ted

Andy is getting ready to take Ted for a wagon ride. Andy is made from German Mohair with German glass eyes. His wig is hand stitched yarn sewn on to his head one strand of yarn at a time. Andy is 7.5 inches (19cm) tall. He comes embellished with handmade clothes by me. Ted is a 4 inch (10cm) tall needle felted bear. Ted's wagon is included. The wagon is metal and the wheels move.  Andy is ready to wheel Ted all the way to your house.
Both Andy and Ted are fully jointed.

I've been adopted. Thank-you!

American Panda

This Panda bear is proud to be an American. He stands proud at 7 inches (17.8cm) tall. He is made from German mohair and has German glass eyes. American bear is sporting a wood star around his neck. He is fully jointed. His foot pads are made from red Suede.

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Blissful is a needle felted wool rabbit. Blissful is five way jointed and has glass bead eyes. She is 4.5 inches (11.4cm) tall. Around her neck is a spring like ruffle. She is ready to hop to your home

I've been adopted. Thank-you!

Meet P.J. This little guy made of Alpaca.
He is 6 1/2 inches (16.5cm) tall. He has German glass eyes and is fully jointed. He is embellished with a P.J. necklace and two small rusty bells.

I've been adopted. Thank-you!

Spook Owl

Spook is needle felted from wool. He stands 4 inches (10cm) tall. He is fully jointed. Spook is embellished with a ribbon around his neck and a plastic pumpkin.

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Frosty the Snow Bear

Frosty is 4" (10cm) tall. He is needle felted from  100% New Zealand wool. He has ebony glass eyes and is 5 way string jointed. His nose is red wool. He comes embellished with a felt hat and a wreath with red bells around his neck. He sits on a wooden and wire sled (included).

I've been adopted. Thank-you!
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Past Creations
Sorry! We all have been adopted.
Chip  Adopted
Annie and little Panda Adopted

Andy and his friend Ted Adopted

Domino Adopted

Ted and is wagon Adopted
Elmer the elephant Adopted
Bernie Adopted
Lacy Adopted