Adora is made from mohair with wool felt foot pads. She is 7 1/2"(19cm) tall. Adora has a hand stitched nose and mouth. She is 5 way jointed and has German glass eyes. She comes embellished with a locket around her neck. On her head is a discreet flower with ribbons and beads.

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Little Heart is needle felted from New Zealand wool. She is 4"(10cm) tall. Little heart is fully jointed for that perfect pose. Her eyes are glass beads. She is embellished with a red/white ruffle and silver charm around her neck.

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Andy is getting ready to take Ted for a wagon ride. Andy is made from German Mohair with German glass eyes. His wig is hand stitched yarn sewn on to his head one strand of yarn at a time. Andy is 7.5 inches (19cm) tall. He comes embellished with handmade clothes by me. Ted is a 4 inch (10cm) tall needle felted bear. Ted's wagon is included. The wagon is metal and the wheels move. Both Andy and Ted are fully jointed.

I've been adopted. Thank-you!

I've been adopted. Thank-you!


Little Heart

Andy and His Friend Ted

Annie and Pandy

Annie is holding her little friend Pandy. Annie is made from German mohair and has German glass eyes. She is 7.5 inches (19cm) tall. Annie's wig is made from hand stiched yarn. Made from the same process as Andy. She is fully jointed for the perfect pose. She is embellished with hand made clothes by me. Pandy is needle felted from wool roving. He is 3 inches (7.6cm) tall.  They come together as a pair.

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American Panda

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This Panda bear is proud to be an American. He stands proud at 7 inches (17.8cm) tall. He is made from German mohair and has German glass eyes. American bear is sporting a wood star around his neck. He is fully jointed. His foot pads are made from red Suede.

Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart is made from German Mohair and Has German glass Eyes. Sweet heart is 8"(20.3cm) tall. Her name gives it all. She is truly a sweet heart.

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Besty Bunny





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Meet Addie. She is made from mohair and has German glass eyes. She is fully jointed. Addie is 7 1/2" tall. She is embellished with a vintage brass key around her neck.





Ruby Paws




 All images copyrighted by Betty J. Franks and BJ's Bears.

Robby and his rocking horse


VIP is a very important panda. He is crafted from alpaca. VIP is fully jointed. He is filled with poly fil and bb's are added for weight. VIP stands proud at 8 1/2"(21.6cm) tall. He is embellished with a VIP necklace with a wooden star and a vintage key around his neck. 

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Annie and her Friend

Presented at Artist invitational Binghamton, NY 2012

- Made from tipped curly mohair.
- Wool felt foot pads.
- German glass eyes.
- Filled with poly fil and bb's for weight.
- 5 way jointed.
- Embellished with a brass bell around his neck.


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Rainbow Bear

Rainbow Rabbit