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German mohair panda. 6 inches (15cm) tall. German glass eyes. Fully jointed.
    Spot and Wagon
4 inches tall (10cm).
Needle felted. Fully jointed. Glass eyes.
6 inch (15cm) tall. German mohair. Fully jointed.
Ellie is a 6 inch (15cm) tall mohair elephant.Fully jointed and has German glass eyes.
  Cat and Mouse
4 inch (10cm) tall. Needle felt. Fully jointed. Mouse is not jointed.
Annie and Ted
Annie 8 1/5 inch (21cm) tall. Constructed from mohair. Ted is 4 inch (10cm) needle felted. Annie's dress is hand made.
"Love bears all things" 1 Cor. 13:7
                Randy Rabbit

Randy is 7.5 (19cm) tall. He is made from German string mohair. Randy is fully jointed with German glass eyes.The foot pads as well as the inner ear are constructed from wood felt. He is uniquely embellished with a black button star around his neck.

USD $75.00 plus shipping
Randy Rabbit Shipped:

Bradley is a black and tan Panda constructed from a
combination of Alpaca and plush. He is 7 inches (17 cm) tall. He is fully jointed and has German glass eyes. Around his neck he wears the key to your heart.

USD $70.00
plus shipping
Bradley Shipped:

Nutmeg is a petite 7 inch (17cm) tall bear made from three fabrics mohair, alpaca, and plush.
She is fully jointed and has German glass eyes. Her foot pads are made from suede.

USD $70.00
plus shipping
Nutmeg Shipped:

Buddy is 8" tall made from mohair with felt pads.He is fully jointed with German glass eyes.
Around his neck is a rusty star with a cotton star ribbon.

USD $80.00
plus shipping

Buddy shipped
                   Fairy bear

Fairy bear is 8 inches (20cm) tall. She's made with a mix of alpaca and mohair. The wired lacy wings makes her OOAK. She is fully jointed with felt foot pads.

USD $90.00
plus shipping
Fairy bears Shipped:

Meet P.J. This little guy made of Alpaca.

He is 6 1/2 inches (16.5cm) tall. He has German glass eyes and is fully jointed. He is embellished with a P.J. necklace and two small rusty bells.

USD $65.00 plus shipping
P.J. Shipped: